What is a performance made of? What does a costume designer do? What is performing after all? These and several other questions are answered in Theatre Museum.

Backstage, you can play the lead if you want. At numerous points throughout the exhibition, you can try things yourself, see how things work, and experience the thrill and joy of performing. Dubbing Karaoke lets you lend your voice to movie actors. In the Transformation game, you can change your appearance by putting on a shape-altering costume or inserting your face into a promo shot. With the help of scale models, you can test different lighting schemes and set changes, and in The Blue Studio you can shoot your own newscast. The scenes from Play It with Feeling have been shot beforehand with two professional actors; you play the third role. And finally, two stages await your performance: a traditional proscenium stage and a contemporary platform with lighting and wardrobes.

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Theatre Museum

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