The Theatre Museum is a cross between an activity centre and an information centre focusing on vitality, function and ease of obtaining information. At the Theatre Museum the visitor is a maker and shaker, who can try things out, play things out and be a seeker after knowledge.

EXHIBITIONS — with the visitor in the leading role
The Museum exhibitions form a theatre park where the visitor is invited to travel through time into the past, on adventures into different theatrical cultures and the magical world of the theatre.

THEATRE EDUCATION — a special area of focus
The permanent exhibitions and the temporary exhibitions have all been implemented from the perspective of theatre education. Different workshops and tours are incorporated naturally in the exhibitions and visitors can try their hand at various aspects of the theatre.

The core of the services offered by the Museum is made up of information services and picture services, consultancy and various ancillary programmes: small-scale performances, lecture series, special functions and space rental.

THE COLLECTIONS — eclecticism and quality
As a specialist national museum, the Theatre Museum ensures that information on the Finnish theatrical tradition, comprising archives and collections of objects is preserved for coming generations, particularly for the purposes of research. The way these collections are saved is also guided by theatre education and the popularization of information.

The Museum is an information interchange. The Museum’s own data management system Ida and the theatre performance database Ilona form the most important data bank on Finnish theatre.

Theatre Museum

Exhibitions are open
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