Theatre Museum


Accessible entrance and moving around the Museum

There is a ramp at the main entrance of the Museum (inclination ca. 9 %). Pushing the door opening button will open the double door on the right. The guard will be happy to assist when needed (tel. +358 (0)40 1922 300). Admission is free to personal assistants and carers of visitors with disabilities.

The Museum is located on the 1st floor with lift and stair access from the ground level. The exhibition galleries are accessible for the most part. The exhibition guide will assist you through accessible passages and arrange the stage ramp at the Arkadia Theatre if and when needed.

The Backstage and the Dressing room behind the stage are not wheelchair accessible.

A wheelchair accessible lift is available directly from the courtyard for those visiting the Research Room or the Museum office in the staircase E.

Guide and assistance dogs

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome in the Museum.

Services for visitors with visual impairment

Visual description for workshops and a guide to assist you during your visit are available, please book in advance.

Hearing loop

There is no hearing loop fitted at the Museum.

Accessible parking for visitors with disabilities

There are five accessible parking spaces around the Cable Factory, in three locations.

By the Museum entrance on the Cable Factory parking lot, there are two accessible parking spaces with unlimited parking time. The width of the spaces is 370 cm and 360 cm.

One accessible parking space is located in the court yard of the Cable Factory, around the corner from the entrance, next to the staircase F. Here parking is limited to four hours. The width of the space is 243 cm.

Two more accessible parking spaces are located in the court yard of the Cable Factory, near the staircase D. Parking here is limited to four hours. The width of the spaces is 295 cm and 305 cm.

Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets are located in the lobby and in the exhibition galleries on the 1st floor. In both restrooms there is free space on both sides of the toilet seat.