Theatre Museum


The Theatre Museums Archives primarily focus on materials related to professional theatre and dance in Finland. In addition, the collections include some archival materials related to other performing arts. The oldest objects date back to the 1830s and the most recent items are from the last few years. The collections accumulate constantly through donations.

The archival collections are divided into the Document Archive, Photographic Archive and Audio-Visual Archive. Sketches for stage settings and costumes are stored in the Museum’s Artefact Collections.

Document Archive

The Document Archive contains materials related to performing arts, and it includes archives of theatres, dance companies, and different organisations in the field. In addition, there are separate collections of programme leaflets, posters and newspaper clippings. The oldest materials of the Archive are from the 1830's. The extensive and systematic collection of newspaper clippings related to theatre and dance spans from the season 1923–24 to the season 2015–16.

Photographic Archive

The Photographic Archive of the Theatre Museum includes more than 500,000 images, most of which depict theatre performances and actors posing in costume. In addition, the collections include other documentary photos related to the subject and, to a lesser extent, private photographs. The collections also include extensive photo archives of individual theatre and dance photographers. The oldest exhibits are costume portraits from the 1870s.

Audio-Visual Archive

The Audio-Visual Archive of the Theatre Museum includes video and audio recordings. Recordings of performances and interviews constitute the main body of the collection. In addition, the collections include some other material, such as sound effects of theatre performances. The oldest recordings are from the 1970s, and interviews date back to the 1950s.

The Collection database is at your disposal in the Museum’s Research Room.

Please direct all enquiries regarding the Museum Archives and photo order requests to the Theatre Museum’s Information Service.