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Please fill out this form to request a workshop booking. We do our best to organise the workshop on your preferred day, but please fill in the “optional dates” field as well. The form will automatically calculate the workshop fee without possible surcharges for tailoring, invoicing, or extra participants. A copy of the form will be sent to the email address provided in this form. The date and total cost will be confirmed via email as soon as possible.


Choose the workshop type you want to book. The fee is determined by your chosen workshop, duration, date, and group type.

Workshops and guided tours can be organised on Tue-Fri at 9.15-18, Wed until 20. Sat and Sun at 11.15-18. On Mondays the Museum is closed.

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If the headcount of your group exceeds the recommended group size, a few extra participants can be accepted, at the discretion of the facilitator, at the price of 4€/person.

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The workshop fee will be paid at the Ticket Office in the lobby upon your arrival in cash, by card or as invoice (invoicing surcharge 7 €). Invoicing details, if you prefer an invoice.

Mikäli tarvitsette laskuun liitteitä (esim. kaupungin tilauslomake), voit lähettää sen osoitteeseen tai antaa tullessanne reseptionistille.

Would you like to book multiple simultaneous workshops, or enquire about content or practicalities? Please let us know more about your wishes and expectations, so we can make your visit as great as possible.

Would you like us to tailor the workshop? Tell us about your wishes.


Please check that the information is correct. A copy of the form will be sent to the email address you provided.

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