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Information and Photo Services

The Information Service is closed 1.10.-30.11.2021.

The Theatre Museum’s Information Service welcomes enquiries on the Museum's own materials as well as questions on theatre in general. Customers are served by phone and email, as well as in person, in the Research Room. If the customer does not have access to the Museum's Archives and Collections, extensive searches can be made as paid information service. Digital photographs for the customer's use can be delivered from the photographic collection of the Museum Archive and, if necessary, from other archival material, too.

Contact details

STREET ADDRESS: Kumpulantie 11, Helsinki

POSTAL ADDRESS: Kuortaneenkatu 3 C, 00520 Helsinki
TELEPHONE: +358 (0)40 1922 309
EMAIL: tietopalvelu @

Information Service

Theatre professionals, researchers, and others interested in performing arts can get acquainted with the Theatre Museum's Archives and Artefact Collection materials, and the Reference Library in the Research Room. There it is also possible to listen to audio recordings and view video tapes. In the Research Room, visitors can search the database themselves, but if needed, guidance is available. Wider investigations can be carried out as paid information service.

Please book an appointment in advance.

Photo Service

The Theatre Museum's Archive has extensive photo collections related to Finnish theatre and dance. The Archive holds e.g. photos of staged performances, actors in costumes, and portraits. Many of the personal archives also contain plenty of photos.

The photos of the Museum Archive are available for all customers in the Research Room. Please make an appointment in advance with the Photo Service to access the Research Room and the photo collections.

Digital copies of the photographs can be ordered as per agreement. Delivery time is usually seven days. The customer is expected to cede a copy of the product where the photo(s) were used to the Theatre Museum. The image files will have to be destroyed after use.

User Rights and Copyright

The Theatre Museum does not automatically hold the rights of all photos in the collections. In the more recent materials the copyrights usually belong to the photographer which gives them the right to determine how the photos are used. Therefore, user rights are examined separately for each order.

User rights are limited to one-time right per photo. Please send your enquiries on the related fees at: tietopalvelu @

The user of the photograph(s) is responsible for ensuring the protection of copyright and privacy as required in the Copyright Act. The Theatre Museum’s Archive and the name of the photographer must be mentioned in the publication. The customer settles the royalties directly with the photographer.