Theatre Museum

Let the renovation begin!


Theatre Museum’s exhibition facilities at the Cable Factory will be renovated during this summer and coming autumn. Apart from the Arkadia Theatre the exhibitions will be taken down, the walls will be demolished and rebuilt, and the exhibition technique renewed. The repairs will be made with the help of a fund from the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland.

Renovation begun in mid-May and will continue until the end of October. The construction of the Tanssin Talo at the Cable Factory has also affected the museum's schedules. Our aim is to be ready and open when the Tanssin Talo opens its doors. Other museums at the Cable Factory are also being renovated and will not be open until next autumn.

So, what happens to the exhibitions? We will keep the wonderful Arkadia Theater, but the space around the stage will be updated. Arkadia's changing room will be enlarged to better accommodate groups in the future. Other permanent exhibitions have been dismantled. The special exhibition Props in Focus had to unfortunately close prematurely due to the covid-19 pandemic situation last winter. We are happy to announce that the exhibition will return to the museum in the spring of 2023!

So now, during summer and the beginning of autumn, we will focus on renovation and preparation of new exhibitions. We will open the museum in the beginning of November with the renewed Arkadia Theatre and a special exhibition Deep Movement - International History of Finnish Contemporary Dance. In January 2022 we will open an exhibition that celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Finnish Theater. Beside these we are preparing for our new permanent exhibition that we plan to open in 2023.

Although the museum is closed at the moment, the event service is already taking reservations for the autumn. The first possible date for a party is November 5th. The workshop season will also start at the beginning of November.

Our meeting is still postponed, but we are waiting for you! See you soon!


Additional information:
Raija-Liisa Seilo, Museum Director,
Ilona Kemppainen, Press and Pr Officer,