Theatre Museum

New website of the Theatre Museum!


The Theatre Museum’s new website was launched on 2.10. For those accustomed to the old site the change is substantial – not only the look and feel of the website is completely new, but also the structure and menus have changed.

Important information for the exhibition visitors can be found on the For Visitors page. There you will find information on admission fees, opening hours and on how to get here. The exhibitions will naturally be presented on the Exhibitions page, workshops and guided tours on the Group Visits page. Those organising parties or events will find the information they need on the Event services page.

Information on the Museum’s collections, archive and photographs can be found on the Collections page. The collections are available for researchers through the Information service.

The What’s On? page covers all current issues like news and event information. Alongside the new website we launch our new blog to give out information on the behind-the-scenes work of the Museum. The blog will mainly be updated in Finnish, but every now and again there will be posts in Swedish and English, too.

We would really appreciate any and all feedback on the new website. What works, what could be improved? Please send your feedback directly to our Press and PR Officer or fill in the Contact Us form. Let’s make the website as good and functional as possible!