Theatre Museum

Summer 2023 at the Cable Museums


Eight exhibitions on four floors!

The Summer of Cable Museums offers a total of eight exhibitions on four floors. There's enough to see for all tastes and even for a whole day! In between, you can enjoy the delicacies of the restaurant Hima & Sali or refresh yourself on the terrace of the Konttori.

The Hotel and Restaurant Museum's multi-sensory Taste Matters exhibition offers different perspectives on food and drink culture, what it is, where and how it is built and shaped, and who influences it. Throughout the summer, the Taste Matters exhibition will also give visitors an insight into Finns' favourite foods, with small excerpts from the Suomi syö ja juo blog. FOOD TATTOO - Flying Karelian Pie and Other Food Tattoos highlights a variety of food and drink tattoos and the stories behind them. The tattoos in the exhibition were photographed by award-winning photographer Meeri Koutaniemi.

Everybody Dance! at the Theatre Museum is an exhibition about the joy of dancing. Come and reminisce about hit dances of yesteryear and create new ones! In the exhibition Props in Focus you will be able to enjoy the delicacies of accessories and see the craftsmanship of accessories makers. At the Arkadia Theatre, you can first take a journey through theatre history and then step through the dressing room to the stage to star in your own unique performance.

In the Finnish Museum of Photography, Maija Tammi's Empathy Machine exhibition explores why emotions should be listened to and understood, but why they should not be completely trusted. Roza Ahmad, Coyote Park, Iida Valmé's exhibition Your Body Changes Everything explores the joy of shared resistance and the relationship of trans and queer identities to photography. Viewfinder is the first permanent exhibition at the Museum of Photography. Hundreds of millions of photographs are taken around the world every day. Why and how do photographs make us feel and act?

Opening hours

The Cable Museums are open throughout the summer on Tuesdays and from Thursdays to Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The museums are closed on Mondays. Other exceptions to opening hours should be checked on the museums' websites (Theatre Museum, Hotel and Restaurant Museum, Museum of Photography).