Theatre Museum

Theatre Attic

Over the years, heaps of props, puppets, tales, stage sets, and other theatre equipment have accumulated in the Attic. Old effect devices for generating wind, rain, and thunder are stored up there, too. Modern sound effects are created with the “weather machine”. Come and feel free to explore!

Puppets from different decades of Finnish puppetry are displayed on the walls and in the cupboards. In one corner of the Attic, a fairytale cupboard presents the heroes famous from stories by Mona Leo, a pioneer of Finnish puppetry. You will recognise some of the puppets hanging on the walls from television shows, as well as Kasper the Puppet’s theme song ‘Trai trai trallallaa’ playing on a video tape.

You are welcome to give it a go yourself! In the middle of the Attic there is an orange puppet theatre surrounded by a group of puppet actors. Invite your audience to take a seat on the giant building blocks and let the show begin. If you struggle with creating your own story, look for help in the Piper’s Tree as all the tales and stories of the world rest on its branches!