Theatre Museum

Theatre Education

Doing and experimenting together

The Theatre Museum provides an exceptional, surprising and encouraging environment for learning and experimenting. The permanent exhibitions of the Museum – Backstage, Arkadia Theatre, and Theatre Attic – with their numerous experimentation stands, stages and dressing rooms, invite visitors to test their skills in different areas of theatre. Also the temporary exhibitions include experimentation stands or a workshop space to enrich the overall experience.

A facilitated workshop or a guided tour can be booked for groups. Guided group visits will be tailored according to the skills, knowledge, capacity, and interests of different age groups. Workshops and guided tours are open for all ages.

The focus of the workshops is on engagement. The Theatre Museum offers, for children and adults alike, an opportunity to engage in a “serious play” and learn new things through playing. Doing and engaging will enable long-term learning, and things that first strike you as strange or odd become more familiar and more understandable. Whole new perspectives to the world may open through theatre.

Information on workshop content, duration, pricing, and recommended group sizes can be found in the Workshops and Guided Tours section.

For more information on theatre education, please contact Heini Räsänen, Education Curator (tel. +358 (0)40 1922 302, heini.r @ or Milla Kortemaa, Theatre Pedagogue (tel. +358 (0)40 1922 305,