Theatre Museum presents: Tonton triet


Tonton Triet is a mobile and performative performance that stretches the dimensions of the human body and ways of being in a playful way. It combines dance and partnering techniques, circus and physical theater with live music.

Tonton is a faceless figure dressed in an orange costume, through whom artistic team explores interaction and humanness. Tonton is always changing, modifying and multiplying. The work is a character study in which Tonton frees up space for different interpretations. It is a play with the images and possibilities brought out by the character.

At the Theatre Museum on Thursday Aug 31st at 12 am.

The performance in suitable for all ages. Duration 45 minutes. Free of charge!

Tonton is a concept created by, which originates from the contemporary circus show Life after. Different versions of Tonton have previously visited places like the ESSE festival in Seurasaari, the Chamäleon theater in Berlin and in videofirm.

The Tonton Triet's artistic team is working as resident artists in the Theater Museum during August 2023. The show will be premiered in the spring of 2024. We will now see a work-in-progress presentation, free of charge. 

The artistic team consists of circus artist Vilhelmiina Sinervo, dance and theater artist Ines Kakkonen and performing composer and sound artist Mercedes Krapovickas.

Photo: Xavier Bambu Locquet Vandenberghe