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Wellbeing at Work

The Theatre Museum offers workshops to support wellbeing at work for companies and other employers. The aim is to enhance team spirit, communication skills and the general wellbeing of staff. Also, it is great fun and gives the team a chance to see themselves and their colleagues in a new light.

These workshops offer a platform for processing change and mastering new skills to face fears and prejudices that change can bring about. Other topics could include challenging situations in customer service, or giving and receiving feedback. These issues can be processed with the tools and methods of theatre. At best, completely new perspectives to your situation will open.

The Wellbeing at Work workshops are organised at the Theatre Museum to give participants an escape from their everyday environment, and a chance to forget about the roles and social pressures at work. Come and throw yourself in, recharge your batteries – and leave as good as new!

Working Well?

Recreational wellbeing for work communities

Do stress, negative feelings, and constant coping prevent you from being well at work?

At the Theatre Museum’s Working Well? recreational workshops your team will work together to succeed and relax by applying the tools and exercises that theatre provides.

The phases of Working Well? Programme:

  • Soap off all stress and fatigue, switch off the brain for a while.
  • Rinse the team with fun-filled time together, and let laughter sooth the mind and heart
  • Light spinning: A little twirl, a tingle, a giggle.
  • Pat dry with with team spirit and stage experience

After two hours, hearts beat calmly to the same rhythm – culture kindles wellbeing.

You are welcome to enjoy your own refreshments in between soaping, rinsing and spinning.

The Wellbeing at Work workshops are organised at the Theatre Museum to give participants the chance to break free from their work roles and social pressures. A new environment can bring forth discussion and new creative solutions. Come in for a good cleansing!

The two-hour workshop package can be booked for 2–25 participants during Museum opening hours and also Tuesday to Friday in the morning. The cost is 445€ regardless of the size of the group.

More information:
Milla Kortemaa, Theatre Pedagogue
+358 (0)40 1922 305